1. Revisiting.

    My friend Adam Burgess definitely isn’t afraid of change or progress. Years ago he left his home in Florida for a new experience, to spend a year and change in Japan teaching English and exploring Asia. He returned and promptly took up residence in San Francisco. A couple months ago he returned home to Tampa for a bit with his Mrs and despite some talk of staying somewhere in Tampa the Burgess’ booked it to tropical Boca Raton, FL for more exciting adventures. Who can cast blame though?

    Life is a book with many chapters.

    The day before another departure for Adam we cruised around downtown Tampa for a late night roll. “It’s interesting to skate these spots again when I’m almost 30 now” Adam stated between spots.

    This seemed like a good time to post these flicks, as I was woken by a phone call from the semi-transient Adam explaining he’d be back in Tampa this weekend, and we lined up another session. Life is a book with many chapters, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a cohesive theme.

    Let’s get started.

    We ran into an occupy march. I don’t necessarily agree with the Occupy thing, but I completely agree with their right to do it.

    We managed to skate some pretty off limit spots with the help of the late hour.

    Roll out.

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