1. We Make New Friends All The Time. Tampa Am 2010.

    I could only shoot lurk and party photos since I was working during skate hours.

    Ant Verdi, always entertaining.

    John Gow, letting you know what’s good with Vans apparel while someone bails on vert.

    Big Kev, lamping.

    We had Devin Bagnoli and his 14 year old kid posse from Daytona stay with us. They never stopped skating. Sorry this photo is the worst out, I used a pop up flash. Dumb.

    What’s Troy from Atomic so shocked about?

    No biggie, this girl is just getting “Big Daddy Dwayne” tattooed on her ass. Dwayne, as it turns out, is the tattoo artist.

    A big thank you to Rodney Johnson and Marius Syvanen for putting on a partying demo and celebrating your 21st birthday with us.

    Noel and Courtney from GRO.

    Part of the rest of our houseguests. The Southside Skatepark crew from Houston, TX.

    So… Ass tattoo girl decided to get shit hammered drunk at Czar that night. No biggie, texting someone right on the sidewalk with your pants down.

    Then she got in a cat fight with another girl. Talk about a rough weekend. Thanks to George from Southside for shooting these while I walked a friend to her car.

    We make new friends all the time.

    Freezing temps every night means fire time.

    Lako and Christina, these two were killing it hard all night Sunday.

    The Mom’s were out!

    Steak, don’t know that guy, Courtney and Dylan. Steak doesn’t drink, so I think he’s making fun of drinkers? Not sure.

    Felipe Gustavo had some purple dice, so I got Clem to get a photo with him.

    DJ Wade played Slayer and shit got liiiiive. Thanks Wade!

    Ishod was killing it with Floridians Yonis and Piro in the back.

    We make new friends all the time.

    I am backing the Pharmacy Skate Shop crew 1,000%. They were sharing bottles of champagne all night and were making new friends with everyone they met. Also, they sponsor Florida’s Nick Zizzo. Killing it guys.