1. Festivus!

    Ghetto Christmas Party 2010. This was the first time SPoT hosted the party at The Bricks as opposed to Crowbar, and it went just fine. Everyone came out, festive as all hell, enjoyed a good, ghetto time. Thanks to Brian and ‘dem for another fun fun fun Christmas party.

    Posse up. John Gow hooked up about 15 dudes with Vans flannels and they loc’d out hard.

    Seamus had a smooth costume hooked up. Nice robe.

    Clay Montgomery from Atomic Tattoos was also loc’d, but he was in his own Vato gang.

    Hey white boy, what you doin’ uptown?

    The engaged Chris and Sarah were festive as well. Chris’ Bad Boy Records suit was killing it.


    Uncle Eddy came through! This is my homie Shawn, we were neighbors when I was a kid, it’s sick to see him so often at the Park and The Bricks.

    Courtney, Dylan and Jon Mann were out and about.

    Adam Kearley, Ichabod, Zach Gosteli as Santa and Manny Amorelli were chilling hard. In a true sign of being a support system, Zach showed up in Santa costume on his own, not asked to by The Bricks. Say word.

    Lo Ca$h was in that piece.

    My friends Ashley and Brad from Clearwater always make it out.

    Haleigh was mad festive behind the bar.

    Schaefer took his ass to the barber shop and told him to tech that fade up, Barak loc’d out and celebrated his birthday.

    Sasha adapted to American Christmas festivities and got very, very festive and seasonal. Welcome to the USA!

    Mike Goodwine was handlin’ his as Santa Claus.

    Angel Carela had to get tatted real quick by DP. For the ghetto.

    Pat and Taylor along with the rest of the Lakeland stronghold came through and held it down.

    When I’m not working at the Park I’m working for that guy on the left, Tony Reddington from FTK Magazine, selling ads. That’s his girlfriend Julie on the right. They both got a sample of the ghetto gifts being handed out. Enjoy that porno you two…