1. Back To The Future: The Quiksilver All 80’s Vert Jam.

    I have to look back onto the 80’s with a removed nostalgia. Like most of the truly nerdy participants skateboarding attracts, I wanted to know about our history and culture as a teenager. It was at this point all the skate documentaries came out. So I got pretty well-versed on the old 80’s vert guys.It came in handy last Friday at the Quiksilver All 80’s Vert Jam. All the old guys came out and killed it. Almost everyone was transformed into the 13 year old skate nerd kid we all were. “Dude, Christian Hosoi did a christ air. Wow.” was uttered several times over the duration the event.

    Then, as I’m only 23, the thought hit me. “It’s going to be so sick in 10 years when we have the equivalent of this for dudes who were killing it in ‘97.” How great is that going to be? We’ll get Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Anthony Correa, Forrest Kirby, Montoya, Richard Mulder, Mike York, etc and let them go to town on a ledge. Sounds great.

    Ran into the Westside squad first thing. Yonis, Jata, Lannon, Yonnie, 2 friends and Manny.

    Lots of 80’s costumes. But it was Expo, so it’s possible this guy was just the Rusty sales rep or something, bro.

    Andy Mcdonald was ripping the entire time.

    Hosoi was there blasting huge airs.

    Mark Lake, well into his 50’s, was there killing it.

    I fanned out and turned into the 12 year old playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater again when I shot this tuck knee invert.

    Hosoi pulled the ultimate crowd pleaser with this huge christ air.

    Christian hosoi, backside air.

    The vert guys put on a show! Tony Hawk rock and rolled on Andy Mac’s board. Sorry for making Tony Hawk a headless horseman.

    Ran into Tito Porrata from Team Pain running around. We ended up bombing around Orlando with him the next day instead of going to the trade show. Great decision.

    The people from the Smithsonian were there to put Tony Hawk’s board in their museum.

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