1. For The Bros.

    The Skatepark’s doing it’s best to get as many boards to as many bros as possible around Christmas time every year. We put old boards together, we have our very generous and giving friends at various skateboard companies send us new boards and we host events like the Etnies X SPoT skate day. The fine folks at Etnies were kind enough to pay for every kids session so long as they provided a skateboard hardgood to help out a less fortunate young would-be skater. And to top it off they got a great demo as well. That Sheckler knows how to please a crowd. And Etnies flow skater Ryan Pierce came out hard as well with some sick tricks.

    Porpe got his trick before the busyness started. Front board.

    Sheckler showed up and immediately got bum rushed by ravenous, autograph-seeking fans. Like a true professional he was really cool to all of them and signed autographs for a few minutes before Jay from Sole Tech and Porpe told everyone he’d sign stuff after the demo.

    Willow was ripping. Nollie out of a back 50.

    Sheckler knows how to put a show on.

    New guy Ryan Pierce killed it. Nosegrind.

    Alejandro Burnell got his on a boardslide.

    Sage Larson got his autograph.