1. Wedding Bells.

    Proper post of edited images from one of the best weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending, the union of Rob Meronek and Brittany DeCarolis.

    This was the small pre-party in Leighann’s car.

    I like how Seamus always looks dapper.

    Maureen Meronek, or “Rob’s Sister” as she’s been known on the SPoT site, was striking poses.

    Tito and Jennifer Porrata. Always a pleasure.

    My Nicaraguan lookalike, Elgin Moises.

    If you think Schaefer can announce a demo or a contest, you should see him anoint a married couple.

    Elisha is always photogenic.

    DJ Wade and I shot photos of him in all the stereotypical DJ poses. This was the best one.

    The sun sets on Kyle Randall.

    Porpe probably wanted to jump off the balcony and into the Gulf to join his finned brothers.

    Jorge’s amazing photo face. This reminds me of Office Space where the guy explains the “O-face”.

    Snowman and Leighann.

    Jorge and Devin.

    Seamus must’ve done Glamour Shots and some modeling as a kid.

    AK should just record an album and use this for the cover. That or he can use it for a headshot for his freelance art.

    Alex Bowers knows how to strike a pose.

    Presenting the Meroneks.

    First dance, not the last.

    Kyle Randall knew the score with the open bar.

    Charlenne broke it down proper on the dance floor. Elisha was giving her props and backing her up. Don’t stop! get it, get it!

    Ryan Dodge made these shirts with Rob’s Junior High yearbook photo. Rob should bring that haircut back if he ever wants to cut his man-bun off.

    Rob’s alter-ego,The Ragin’ Asian, came to the wedding too.

    Schaefer gave the crowd what they wanted.

    Thanks for an amazing afternoon/evening/night. Congratulations Rob and Brittany!